Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marathon 7 - May 29

What an amazing week!  I finished it up today pacing the 5 hour group at the Med City Marathon in Rochester, MN.  My job was to run exactly 5:00.  I hope I can keep my job with them...I was 32 seconds fast by my Garmin.  4:59:28.

From Monday's Rochester Post Bulletin

It was a bit difficult to hold back today, as I was excited to be done, but then again, I am going to miss it all too.  Again, my feet and legs felt great!  I met some great runners with the MN PACERS today and was able to run with some great people, some of them completing their first marathons.  I feel a bit guilty about it at times, but I draw so much energy from others and am inspired by many of their stories.  I really had a great 5 hours today of visiting with a great group of fun people!  I had a good sized group with me or near me for the first half of the race, as I was also the PACER for the 2:30 1/2 marathon runners.  Things thinned out a bit when they split off for the finish, but we still had a good group going until about 23.  I picked up a couple of runners who had decided to walk it in with about a mile to go.  I was lucky enough to get them moving a little more quickly again and was excited to pull them along to a sub 5 hour finish!  That is exactly what the MN PACERS group is all about.  I'm glad to say that I will be pacing several more races for them this year.  I am honored to be allowed to run with this fine team and help others achieve their pace goals!

The shoe of choice for all my marathons this week was the Brooks Launch.  Absolutely no foot or leg pain all week.  I am truly a fan of this shoe!

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  1. Awesome, Jim! I'll bet it was blast pacing the race! : )


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