I paced the 4:15 group today at the Mankato Marathon for the MN PACRS.  I had a huge group to run with for this race!  It was unbelievable!  I started out with about 50 runners through the first 18 miles or so.  At that point, I normally expect some of the runnners to drop off the pace.  This is what tends to happen with pace groups.  I had 30 or so still with at 20 miles and 20 still with me at 25 miles.  This is unheard of in pacing.  Most pacers finish alone or with just a couple of other runners.  It was great to run with this group from start to finish and listen to their stories.  Some were experienced runners, looking for a PR.  Others were new runners, simply looking to finish.  Got to meet Frank Shorter today!

I have to say I am very glad they have allowed me to join their group this year.  I am honored to be able to help others achieve their time goals in races ranging from the half-marathon to full marathon.  I was spot on again today, running 4:14:50.  My personal goal is to finish about 10 seconds under race pace.  We are not supposed to be even 1 second over our time.  I am proud to say I was within about 10 seconds in all the races I paced this year.

Races I have paced this year include:
Med City Marathon 5 hour group
Red Wing 1/2 Marathon 2:05 group
Woodbury Country Mile 1/2 Marathon 2:05 group
Get Ready To Rock 20 Miler 3:10 group
Mankato Marathon 4:15 group

I am looking forward to joining the MN PACERS team again in 2012!!!

I will be pacing 5 races this year with the MN PACERS.

See my schedule of events/races along the right column for information about these races.
A pacer is the runner in the group who carries a sign and leads the group to the finish line in a specific time goal. The pacer will run even splits and cheer on the group along the way.

The Minnesota Pacers Pace Team is comprised of locally talented runners who have been carefully chosen based on there recent success in marathons. Let them guide you to the finish line on race morning.