2011 Marathon Challenge

Marathon 7 - May 29th
What an amazing week!  I finished it up today pacing the 5 hour group at the Med City Marathon in Rochester, MN.  My job was to run exactly 5:00.  I hope I can keep my job with them...I was 32 seconds fast by my Garmin.  4:59:28.

From Monday's Rochester Post Bulletin

It was a bit difficult to hold back today, as I was excited to be done, but then again, I am going to miss it all too.  Again, my feet and legs felt great!  I met some great runners with the MN PACERS today and was able to run with some great people, some of them completing their first marathons.  I feel a bit guilty about it at times, but I draw so much energy from others and am inspired by many of their stories.  I really had a great 5 hours today of visiting with a great group of fun people!  I had a good sized group with me or near me for the first half of the race, as I was also the PACER for the 2:30 1/2 marathon runners.  Things thinned out a bit when they split off for the finish, but we still had a good group going until about 23.  I picked up a couple of runners who had decided to walk it in with about a mile to go.  I was lucky enough to get them moving a little more quickly again and was excited to pull them along to a sub 5 hour finish!  That is exactly what the MN PACERS group is all about.  I'm glad to say that I will be pacing several more races for them this year.  I am honored to be allowed to run with this fine team and help others achieve their pace goals!

The shoe of choice for all my marathons this week was the Brooks Launch.  Absolutely no foot or leg pain all week.  I am truly a fan of this shoe!

Marathon 6 - May 28th
Fastest day yet!  4:23, and it felt really good.  First day this week with negative splits - 2:15/2:08. Wayne ran 10 with me and Mike ran 5.  Ran 16 miles on my own, but had Mark from the Star with on the bike, so his company was nice.  Looking forward to slowing things down tomorrow, as I will be pacing the 5 hour group for the MN PACERS at the Med City Marathon.  157 miles down this week...1 marathon to go!

Marathon 5 - May 27th
4:44! Felt great today, as yesterday's marathon was done just 11 hours before today's started. Had the chance to run with dozens of kids at different times today at one of the elementary schools here in Stewartville. Man, were they excited! It was great to draw energy from their enthusiasm! Felt a bit warm at times, but the company today helped a lot. Thank you Kris for all the miles you put in...I am proud of you...you are really tough!!! Kris figured she ran about 26 miles today also! Very cool! Legs and feet are still doing great! Only 2 more to go!

Marathon 4 - May 26th
Another good day!  4:53.  Fastest time so far this week, but without the same level of effort.  The clear skies had me worried, but the temps were very comfortable.  We had a nice group come from Byron Team R.E.D. this afternoon and evening.  It was great listening to their conversations about current and "old-time" runners from the area!  Legs and feet are still doing just fine. Time to eat and get to bed as my next marathon begins just 11 hours after this one finished.

Marathon 3 - May 25th
Today went much, much better than yesterday.  4:57.  I started out with a much easier pace, running by myself for the first 10 1/2 miles.  Joined by a couple of nice groups for much of the next 10 miles, then finished the last lap by myself.  The rain kept up for the first 15 miles, but was welcome, as it kept my body temp down.  Still, no leg or foot pain to speak of!  Mentally, I am in a much better place today than yesterday!

Marathon 2 - May 24th

5:25. Tired now. Didn't sleep at all last night. Stomache not feeling good, due to being way too hot for way too long yesterday. No leg or foot pain at all this morning, so happy about that. Felt great through 17 miles, but fell apart after that. Hoping to sleep tonight, as I was extremely sleepy all day at school today.

KIMT  TV3 showed up today.

Marathon 1 - May 23rd!

4:57. Started out way too fast on a very warm day. 2:18 for the first half. Decided quickly that running that fast was not a good idea, so slowed things way down and spent more time walking. Pretty quiet. Ran with only 1 or 2 others at a time and even had some time to myself. It was nice to run a few miles with Jack today.

KAAL TV6 showed up today.

I will be running my routes 5 times/day for a total of 26.2 miles/day, from Monday-Saturday. See the opening page for maps.  Sunday's run will be at the Med City Marathon. Please feel free to join me for a few miles if you are able. I am sure I will need the company and encouragement. All Stewartville runs will begin and end in at the Stewartville Middle School Gym parking lot. Start times for my runs will be as follows:

Monday, May 23 - Thursday, May 26: 4pm
Friday, May 27: 8am, running a slightly different route, as the plan is to be able to run with the kids at both elementary schools in Stewartville throughout the day. See below.
Saturday, May 28: 8am
Sunday, May 29th, 7am, Med City Marathon

Here is the link to the Mon.-Thurs. and Sat. map for more detail:

Friday's route, which will allow me to run with the kids at both elementary schools in Stewartville throughout the day.

Challenge yourself this spring to complete a marathon! This challenge asks you to run and/or walk the marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

Choose from 1 of 3 options based on your experience.

Option 1(little or no prior experience): complete 26.2 miles during the month of May. Students may start sooner, if they feel the need.

Option 2(some experience): complete 26.2 miles during the week of May 23-29.

Option 3(going big): complete a marathon all in 1 day. Option 3 means you will sign up and run the Med City Marathon, another marathon, a training run of that length, or one of Jim's marathons with him between May 23 and May 29.

For my part...on the week of May 23, I will be running 7 marathons in 7 days. I will start that Monday after school, running a marathon each evening, through Thursday that week. I am planning on running Friday's marathon during the school day, so I can get by both of the elementary schools in town to run with the kids there again. Saturday's run will also be during the day. Here is a link to the route I will be doing for the marathons on my own:  http://www.walkjogrun.net/routes/current_route.cfm?rid=F9D1DF5A-C505-BC0E-C01B2778DEDB5A4D&success=1  I will finish up Sunday by running the Med City Marathon in Rochester, MN.

Come join me if you are able! Run as much or as little as you wish...multiple days are good too! I am hoping to find some inspiration myself again by running with some people who are challenging themselves. I would love to run with someone doing their first marathon!

SIGN UP HERE. ISD 534 Staff, do not use this form. Use the link for the form that was emailed to you. All others, use the following link. https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEFEVloyWVR0ZDE4TTdaLU9ZdVJhV0E6MA