Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1st

Got out for 3 miles late this morning, trusting the oldest child to watch the other 2.  He offered to babysit for a small fee.  I agreed, as I need to learn to give him more responsibility, especially when he is willing.  As a parent, I see my biggest responsibilities on making my children are happy and SAFE.  Letting go a little and letting them grow up can scare me at times.  That said, I was never more than about 2 minutes from home on my loop and made sure that I passed by our place several times just to make sure it was still standing.  All was good.  Its' sometimes hard for me to trust him.  Might be that I'm not so ready for any of them to grow up yet, but it was nice to get out on my own for a few minutes.  Hot out!  Still sucking air because of that, but the shoe experiment is working and the foot felt great.

Here are a couple of great videos that I saw today.  I see great lessons to be learned from both of them.  What do you do to achieve greatness?

Congrats to George Zack on his win with Jack the burro at Sundays World Championship burro race.  George and Jack ran 29 miles together, climbing up and down Mosquito pass in Fairplay, CO.  I need to do this race someday!!!

I've also been following Marshall Ulrich's circumnavigation of Death Valley.  He has been a hero of mine for a long time.  I've followed his explorations for 17 years or so, beginning with watching his teams race in each of the Eco Challenges.  Daily updates, including links to pictures and some video, as well as a link to live-tracking this expedition can be found here.

This after Marshall ran the Badwater 135 just a few days before.  Here's a great recap video from this year's race.