Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 24 Hour Run Map

See the 2012 24 Hour Challenge tab above for more detailed information about the challenge. 

This run starts at 8:15am on Thursday, April 19th and will continue until 8:15am on Friday, April 20.  Stewartville Middle School address is 500 4th St. SW.  My run begins and ends here and will be passing by the school during each of my 4 mile loops.  This 4.01 mile loop will be run counter-clockwise.  I will have my aid station in my vehicle set up in the MS gym parking lot behind the school (NW side of the building).  I will again be keeping a log of my miles and the time of day I last stopped by my vehicle on my last lap.  See this log on the front passenger seat to figure the approximate time of my next return.

At some point soon after 6am, I will be switching to this shorter loop near the HS/MS.  This 1.5 mile loop will be run clockwise. This will keep me away from traffic and will allow me to be closer to aid the last couple of hours.

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