Sunday, September 15, 2013

Destination Run Somewhere

When: any time between TODAY and October 31st
Where: as the event name says, somewhere - your choice
Who: anyone, this event is open to the public, so please pass it on

A play on words, Destination Run Somewhere is not about traveling to another location or destination to run, rather running to a destination - " Destination Run" and "Run Somewhere", combined. The goal is to pick another location to run to, or to run home from another location. Walkers are invited too. This could be another city, town, or a landmark. The point is to get out of your normal routine run near where you live, test your limits, and expand your horizons, literally. Try something new. Logistics could be an issue, as you may require a ride home or to the starting point of your run. Otherwise a round trip may be in order.

I will post my destination runs somewhere on the above Facebook Event page as well as here, and I encourage you to do so as well, showing others where you have traveled by foot, and inspiring them at the same time. Post as many of these runs as you like - the more posted runs the better. A description of the run and the location of the start and end of it would be good. A link for the mapped run on RunKeeper or another mapping website would be even more interesting. Pictures would be great as well.

Enjoy your Destination Run Somewhere!