2012 Strong Kids Campaign Run

16 hours...55.26 miles. Preliminary total raised today for kids in need...$3575! Thrilled to know that so many kids are going to be helped with this and humbled by all the support today as well. Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared their stories with me. A big thank you to all the donors too.  Just in case you are wondering, we started talking about plans to do it all again next year!  I am proud to be able to help out in my own way!

Almost done!

The set-up.

Four billboards running with this ad March 8th and 9th, 2012.

My name is Jim Parry and on Friday, March 9th, I will again be running on a treadmill in the lobby of the Rochester Area Family Y for 16 hours to raise funds for the Strong Kids Campaign. This will be my 3rd year doing this run.  During each of the last 2 years, I ran between 62 and 67 miles on the treadmill, from 5am through 9pm. We had a lot of runners and walkers join me those years on one of the other treadmills and raised just under $2000 during each of those runs, but I know we can do better!  My goal this year is to raise at least $2500.

My family was able to take part in Y programs when I was a child because of this scholarship program. We would never have been able to afford those opportunities without the generosity of others.  Mr. Parry’s Endurance Challenge for the Strong Kids Campaign is one way I feel I can give back. I take the responsibility of being a positive role model for children seriously and running is an easy way for me to do that. I also know that sometimes this just is not enough for some. The Strong Kids Campaign provides the resources to participate in Y programs for those who would not otherwise be able to afford to.

The idea for Mr. Parry’s Endurance Challenge came to me soon after I started teaching in my hometown of Stewartville and, before I knew it, became a reality with the first event happening in 2009. I ran/walked 96 miles during those 24 hours.  In 2010, I ran and walked 100.68 miles over the 24 hours.  In 2011, I completed 7 marathon length (26.2 miles) runs in 7 days, for a total of 183 miles of running that week.   I have heard many stories about how individuals made big changes in their lives because of Mr. Parry’s Endurance Challenge. Those stories motivate and inspire me.

I need your help to fulfill this challenge. The Y will be providing 2 other treadmills for people to run or walk on with me. You can sign up for 15 minutes or however long you wish. It’s up to you. The unofficial kick-off to the Y's 2012 Strong Kids Campaign, my run will be from 5am – 9pm on Friday, March 9th.  It makes a HUGE difference for me to know that people are supporting me and this wonderful cause!

Please consider signing up to join me for a run or walk that day, if you can.   Also, please consider donating to the Strong Kids Campaign if you are able.  You do not need to be a member of the Y to join me that day.  See http://www.rochfamy.org/ for information about the Y and the Strong Kids Campaign.  Call the Y at 287-2260 to sign up or make a donation.  Don't wait...the time slots fill fast.  Thank you!

Jim Parry
Don't set your limits.  Go out and find them.

See the tabs above for information about the 2010 and 2011 version of this fundraising run.

Taken from the Y's website about the Strong Kids Campaign:

Strong Kids Campaign

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to experience our programs, regardless of financial difficulties their family might be facing. YMCA programs such as child care, camping, swim lessons, youth sports, LINK, and Y Mentors do more than teach skills; they instill confidence, responsibility, and help young people to be strong in spirit, mind and body. These experiences help our local youth grow into healthy, contributing adults.

No person will be denied the benefits of a YMCA membership based on financial limitations: with your help. Through our Annual Strong Kids Campaign, people just like you come together to make their community stronger. Donations to the Strong Kids Campaign allow the Y to provide membership and program assistance to kids and families who might not otherwise be able to afford to pay for our services. Our commitment is making programs and services available to everyone! The YMCA provided $228,000 in direct financial assistance for memberships and programs in 2010 to over 16,750 of our Southeast Minnesota friends and neighbors. We ask that you give generously so that more in our community can share the YMCA experience.

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