Monday, April 23, 2012

You Can't Control Everything

So my 24 hour run this year was cut short...really short, due to the weather.  Temps were in the mid 30s, with 15-25 mph winds and nonstop rain that made being outside miserable at best.  My biggest concern was that someone would end up in the hospital.

My run started out well.  I cruised through the first 12 miles or so at about 10:00-10:30 per mile.  Everything felt great and under control.  I was already thinking about the number of miles that I might be able to cover.  I wanted to bank a few quick early miles, knowing that it would likely rain, and that the rain would slow me down.  I figured that once the rain let up, I would then be able to easily pick up the pace again.  That turned out to never be the case.

The lesson of the day had to do with CONTROL.  I could control my pace, my attitude, what I ate, what I drank, but I could not control the weather.  The weather defined this run!  It started raining at about 10am and would let up slightly at times, but never gave up all together.  This made the conditions miserable at best, and likely dangerous for myself and those outside with me.  Mike showed up late in the morning and stayed with me like he said he would.  I was hearing from others that the rain would continue until midnight, and most likely throughout the night as well.  There was no way I was going to be able to continue this for the next 16-18 hours!

We made a quick pitstop in the school at about 4:30pm to change into dry clothing.  There were students waiting to join me for the next loop, but it was simply too cold, too wet, and too miserable out.  I did not want anyone to get ill for this run.

I made the decision to walk laps inside the middle school/high school.  5 1/2 laps equals 1 mile, so I figured I could walk this for a while and re-evaluate my goals for this day.  I was cold...very cold and had the shakes pretty bad for a while.  But, on the other hand, I did feel ok, and did not want to let go of this, so we walked.  It took me an hour or so to come to my senses and realize that my day was done. 

We ended up resetting 2 possible goals - 12 hours, or 50 miles within a couple of hours after that.  I was joined inside by students, staff, friends, and strangers for the final miles of my journey.  I decided to call it quits at 46 miles.  But then again "quitting" isn't really the right word for it either.  I simply stopped because it would have been unwise to continue.  I was ready to go home to a warm bed at that point.

You can't control everything.  I am ok with how things turned out.  Disappointed at first and not ready to let go, but fine with it once I made that decision.  I don't dwell on that stuff...I can''s just not the way I am wired.

Don't set your limits.  Go out and find them.  On this day, I definitely found mine!

Just so you know, Kyle Amos had a perfect day in KS, covering 116 miles!  Amazing!  I am proud of him and what he does to help out the students in his school.

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