Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pacing with the MN PACERS

I paced the 4:15 group today at the Mankato Marathon for the MN PACRS.  I had a huge group to run with for this race!  It was unbelievable!  I started out with about 50 runners through the first 18 miles or so.  At that point, I normally expect some of the runnners to drop off the pace.  This is what tends to happen with pace groups.  I had 30 or so still with at 20 miles and 20 still with me at 25 miles.  This is unheard of in pacing.  Most pacers finish alone or with just a couple of other runners.  It was great to run with this group from start to finish and listen to their stories.  Some were experienced runners, looking for a PR.  Others were new runners, simply looking to finish.  Got to meet Frank Shorter today!

I have to say I am very glad they have allowed me to join their group this year.  I am honored to be able to help others achieve their time goals in races ranging from the half-marathon to full marathon.  I was spot on again today, running 4:14:50.  My personal goal is to finish about 10 seconds under race pace.  We are not supposed to be even 1 second over our time.  I am proud to say I was within about 10 seconds in all the races I paced this year.

Races I have paced this year include:
Med City Marathon 5 hour group
Red Wing 1/2 Marathon 2:05 group
Woodbury Country Mile 1/2 Marathon 2:05 group
Get Ready To Rock 20 Miler 3:10 group
Mankato Marathon 4:15 group

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  1. Hi Jim -

    Neat to hear about your pacer work! It sounded like a great race!



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